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Wedding Photography of Michelle and Steven

Steve and Michelle's wedding day tried it's hardest to beat us but we wouldn't let it!  Between weather, traffic, our back up location being completely covered in scaffolding and running behind to get strated, I was a little concerned we wouldn't get all the photos we wanted.  It took a little hustle and a fun group to make it happen, but we got it done and got to the ceremony on time (though closer than I would have liked).  What I love about the end result is you can't see any of that in the photos because we had a fun wedding party, super sweet family and really amazing couple.  Thank you all for making it special for them as well as for me.   You can see a lot more of the candid photographs on the facebook page.  Feel free to like and retweet all you like!

Here's a little Wedding Vendor Love!
Ceremony:  St. Monica St. George
Bridal Gown: Splendid Bridal
Hair and Make-Up: A Touch of Summer
Bakery: Dessertworks
DJ:  Zach from Hey Mr DJ
Florist: Say I Do



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I'm very proud to say we have the Best Wedding Photographers in the Cincinnati Tri-State area.  Since The Knot began their Best Of Knot Award in 2008 and Wedding Wire began their Couple's Choice Award in 2009, our Wedding Photographers are the only Photographers in Cincinnati, All of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio to win both awards every single year.  That is an unprecedented 10 Consecutive Years voted among the premier Wedding Photography Studios in Cincinnati.