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Wedding Photography of Drew and Joey

You can see a lot more of Drew and Joey's candid photographs from our wedding photographers from the Wedding Ceremony  and Reception at The Madison on the facebook page. This link seems to only work from a computer.  We are having issues with the mobile site.  Feel free to like and retweet all you like!

I was so lucky to be a part of Drew and Joey's day.  I've been lucky to be a part of so many incredible weddings over the last 19 years and  I'll never say that any one was the best because all are memorable in their own ways.  I can't say I've never seen this much love and joy in a room before because I just can't remember!  But what I can say is I've never seen more love and joy surrounding two people than I did at Joey and Drew's wedding.  I felt it the moment I started taking pictures at their Dancefix class in the morning.  Forgive me Heather if I got that wrong!  As we continued through the day, that feeling only grew.  Myself, Andrew, Jenna and Brianna all felt like we were just swept up in the joy of the day.  It was so special I want to ramble on about it because I just cannot find the appropriate words.  It obviously came from Joey and Drew but also from their families, friends etc.  I am so lucky to have been there with you.  I hope I did it justice in the photos.  There are a lot more on the facebook page and even more on the flash drive they'll be picking up.  The reception was so epic that I took more photos at this wedding than I typically take when I have a full wedding party!!

All I can really say is Thank You.  All of you!!


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