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Wedding Photography of Lauren and Adam

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There were so many amazing aspects to Lauren and Adam's day.  The first thing that flowed through the day ironically was Deadpool.  So that may sound a little strange but here goes.  
1. Deadpool socks for the bride to go with her custom Chucks.
2. Deadpool Garter
3. Taco bell stop after photos and before ceremony.
4. Entrance music to Shoop by Salt n Pepa

Though that was fun, I really love the personality and relationships.  The entire group was fun and left us with tons of candids to capture different expressions.  I was particularly struck by the Lauren's family.  Though her parents are not together, they still parent together as a team.  That's rare and amazing.  They get it.  Her bond with her sister is unbreakable.  You can see her watching the father daughter dance in the background in the photos on this post.  If the look in her eyes doesn't say it all, I don't know what does.  There was a special meaning to the song for the father daughter dance which I'll leave between them but her dad told me about.  And Lauren's mother is what every daughter should have.  Then there was the speech Lauren gave when she gave her hand made bouquet to her grandmother because of the great example she and grandpa set.  You guys really had me!  This paragraph is what wedding photography is to me.  This is why I love it.  So, Thank You not for choosing me as your photographer but for making me part of your wedding.

Adam's family was amazing; the wedding party was amazing; the staff at the Madison were amazing; the DJ's Jen and Sean from Everlasting Sounds were amazing; the staff at Taco Bell was amazing!!  I just can't imagine how this could have been any more perfect.

Thanks to the amazing vendor team!

Wedding Venue: The Madison Event Center
DJ: Everlasting Sounds (Jen and Sean)
Cake:  Gigi's Cupcakes
Hair/Make Up:  CoCo Bridal
Wedding Dress: Wendy's


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