Capturing Emotional Moments

February 1, 2023  |  Photojournalism

Capturing Your Wedding's Emotional Moments

One of the biggest mistakes planning the photography of emotional moments is our couple's getting a little too caught up in what other people do or what they've seen on social media.  What makes an moment such as a first look or walking down the aisle is the emotions you feel in that moment.  You see them in your expressions and specifically in your eyes.

If you decide not to do a first look, don't do a first touch or anything of the sort.  Is it a cute photo opportunity?  Yes.  But the whole point of waiting to walk down the aisle is to build up all the anticipation to that moment those doors open.  If you read letters or do a first touch, you release some of that anticipation. If you're going to release some of that inticipation, you may as well do a reveal for your groom and then let walking down the aisle be all about the ceremony, being given away and having  your friends and family there to see it.

There are quite a few ways to do a first looks.  There isn't really a right and wrong way.  However, ask your photographer and videographer.  Share any ideas you've seen on social media, but trust their judgement.  You don't want them photographing a creative idea there.  You want them photographing your expressions so you can look back and relive those moments.

Creativity and artistry play a big role in the portraits at your wedding.  But the candid's should be purely photojournalistic.  Let the moments themselves carry those photos.

Most importantly, do what you want and enjoy every minute of it!