Cystic Fibrosis-Cincinnati's Finest

March 4, 2014  |  Bell Event Centre, Charity, CSC, Cystic Fibrosis

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There were so many wonderful people that contributed to this event.  I want to specifically point out Master Chef Jean Roberts who is an amazing human being, the staff from the Bell Event Centre and CSC Productions and everyone from the CF Foundation.  I can't begin to give credit to everyone that was there so please check out the CF Cincinnati's Finest Finale Facebook page.  It was an amazing evening at the Bell Event Centre in historic Over the Rhine in Cincinnati right across from the new Horseshoe Casino!  For anyone who was there, this was clearly the Sarhea show!  This little girl who has suffered her whole life with Cistic Fibrosis completely lit up the room and everyone in it.  This event is both put on and attended by some of the finest individuals I've ever known.  I feel fortunate to have played my small part in the event over the last three years and look forward to it for many years to come.