Cincinnati Photographers JDRF Gala

May 13, 2012  |  Charity, Duke Energy Center, JDRF

There is a sneak peek on our facebook page of all the photos.
The finished version will be ready in a week and will be available on a website
I'll post here.

The JDRF Gala was an impressive even. Not only did they raise an
incredible amount of money and have some 800 guests, but they had a great theme
which included performances from the College Conservatory of Music. As if that
was not enough, there were also generous donations from twelve year old girls.
I think that was the telling part of the evening for me. After the donations
were completed and every card from $50,000 all the way down to $250 were held
up, the granddaughter of the late Cynthia Marver Marmer had a surprise for us.
Cynthia was a legendary volunteer who is the namesake for the first annual
Cnythia Marver Marmer Volunteer of the year award. Her granddaughter Grace if I
remember correctly as I'm horrible with names, continued the family tradition.
She had had one more set of cards made for the "fund a cure" for
$96.50. You ask why an odd amount like that? She had been saving her money in
her piggy bank from babysitting and giving lessons and not only donated it, but
challenged everyone in the room to match her donation. I know it didn't add up
to a big number like $25000 or $50000 but I think it was the most generous act
I may have witnessed all evening. So much so that the Auctioneer and myself
each who didn't even have a bidding card were moved to match her and probably
threw in a little extra.

I could tell you more about how special the evening was, but I
really think that sums it up. Enjoy the photos!