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January 18, 2011  |  DJ, Hey Mr DJ

This is the time of year I like to help our couples with their wedding planning.  I've asked several vendors to help us by sending in some thoughts on what is important in their speciffic field.  So, for our first I've asked for one of the key aspects of your wedding reception, your dj.  So without further stalling on my part, here is Brandon with Hey Mr DJ:

I'm honored that Daniel asked me to write a guest blog for him today. I love working with Dan and his people. They keep the mood light, they work quickly and they are always a pleasure to be around.

What I want to ask all of you visiting Daniel’s blog today is, “What “moments” do you have planned for your wedding day?”

Think back to all the weddings and reception you have attended in the past. What about those weddings and receptions do you remember?

Prior to becoming a DJ I attended and was in several of my friends weddings. From all of those weddings, I’m sad to say, I remember very little. It’s not that I have a bad memory. In fact, my friends are always amazed at the moments I can recall from our past. It’s just that those weddings and receptions had very few “moments”.

When you move people emotionally they will remember it. Wedding magazines will tell you what colors are in, what flowers work in what season and how to make your wedding day beautiful. None of them will tell you how to create “moments”. This is where your wedding entertainer comes in. If you have a good one, it can make all the difference in how your guests feel about the events of your wedding day.

While I can’t recall much of my friend’s weddings, I can recall many moments over the years I helped create for my clients. I can recall a groom who took the microphone just after the father daughter dance and began to talk about his mother. All the while making his way across the room to her, he finally stopped at her table and said “Mom I love you, can I have this dance.” I recall a groom whose brother was deployed to Iraq just a couple of months before the wedding. You should have felt the moment in that room as we heard a toast from that same brother. A toast I had secretly recorded months earlier when we found out he was being deployed.

I recall a night where at the end of the reception we played Billy Joel’s Piano Man. As everyone with their arms around one another sang at the top of their lungs the bride and groom stepped into the middle of the circle where they danced and smiled and hugged their guests. You could just feel the love in the air and nobody wanted to leave. Imagine a bride returning from fixing her dress in a separate room during her reception and finding all of her guests gathered around the dance floor and her groom sitting at the top of that dance floor holding his acoustic guitar and waiting for her. I remember her smile as he sang to her a song he had written for her after their first date. I remember the laugh we got when we introduced a wedding party into the reception with funny stories about each of them and then the smiles as we introduced the newlyweds with the story of how they met, of their first date and of their proposal. I remember these moments not just because they were my ideas or that I helped orchestrate them I remember them because they moved me and everyone in the room.

Most of the guests at the weddings I mentioned above probably couldn’t tell you if the food was good, if the couple arrived in a limousine or if there was a chocolate fountain but I promise you they remember these moments.

Most couples begin searching for DJs with the idea that all we provide is music. What some of us provide beyond the music is the ideas, knowledge, timing, and creativity it takes to help you create “moments”.

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