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Why do I need a Wedding Planner?

February 4, 2014  |  Wedding Planners

Who is your wedding day point person?  Don't have one?  You should think about it.  I had a conversation with Julie with Cincy Event Planning the other day and it got me thinking of how stress free and easy your wedding day flows with a Day Of Planner compared to without.  It's great to have a friend help out on your wedding day.  However, will that friend be at the wedding reception venue during your wedding ceremony making sure the room is set right and that your cake has arrived?  Will they be in contact with your wedding vendors to be sure all of them are on the same page?  I'd recommend a small investment in someone who does this for a living.  I know your first thought is: "Wedding Planners are not in our budget!"  But are they really?  How much do you think it costs to have an experienced Day Of Planner?  How does $500-$1000 sound?  That's a very small percentage to invest as an insurance policy to be sure you enjoy every aspect of a stress free wedding day. 

Here are some common issues I run into on a wedding day.  I rarely encounter none of them unless I'm working with a Day Of Coordinator.

  1. We start photos 30-60 minutes late due to the chaos of getting ready.  There are too many little things that take a few minutes each that you were not prepared for.  Can we as a wedding photographer compensate for that?  Yes we can.  But do you want to be rushed through the next few hours to make sure you get all of your photos and still get to your ceremony on time?
  2. Your makeup artist/hair stylist were not given an end time so you are not ready for photos until you are supposed to be finishing them!
  3. The DJ/Band and Photographer/Videographer are not on the same page.  They both bug you throughout the reception because they don't have the same idea of the evening.  Or even worse, the photographer/videographer miss a moment because they were in the back having their dinner when the announcement was made.
  4. Your wedding reception venue thinks your dinner will be at 8:00 but your photographer was planning on 8:30.  Do you want your food sitting for 30 minutes before it's served?
  5. The person setting your reception is not the same person who planned it.  Any number of things are not the way it was planned and they scramble to fix it when you/your parents arrive at the reception or you just have to live with it.
  6. Miscommunications in general between vendors and/or with you.  Multiple plans for your day instead of just one.
  7. You are constantly interrupted throughout the day to give instruction about how your day is supposed to go.  This slows down everything you are doing and throws of the rhythm and timing of the day.
  8. Your DJ/Band wait too long to start the events because they think you want to go around to all the tables when really you are just killing time till the events start.  You lose 30 minutes of dancing.

We pride ourselves in orchestrating your wedding day and making sure you are not stressed out.  However, we can only help with what is happening in front of us.  A Day of Planner takes care of all the things that you don't want to worry about behind the scenes.  They are your insurance policy to be sure your money's worth out of your wedding day investment because no matter your budget, your wedding is a large investment.

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