Wedding Show Tips 2023

Getting the Most out of Your First Wedding Show

Newly engaged?  Overwhelmed?  Going to a Wedding Show or Bridal Expo is a great start.  However, you can walk out more confused than when you walked in!  Here are some guidlines to help make your trip to Cincinnati's Wedding Shows fun and productive!  

Wedding Shows are a great way to meet a lot of potential wedding vendors such as Wedding VenuesWedding Photographers, DJs, Cakes, and pretty much anything you can imagine for your big day all in one room.  To make the best of it, you should prepare yourself BEFORE you arrive at the Wedding shows. 

The value in a wedding show is not to do research and get pricing; that should be done at home before and/or after the show.  The most important thing is to make connections and see who you want to spend your day and preperation with.

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  1. Wedding Email:  Everyone including the show host will want your contact information.  Every vendor will receive a copy of this information which means you will get a lot of Emails!  Creating a wedding email helps organize your wedding email seperate from your regular email.  And after your wedding, you can close down that email.
  2. Sharpie:  You will talk to so many vendors at the show you will forget who was who and what made them stand out to you.  With your sharpie, you can mark notes or even just a checkmark to remind you to take a good look at them when you are doing your research at home afterwards.
  3. Pre show research:  Inevitably you will have already done some homework on the vendors for your wedding.  Look at the wedding show's website and see which vendors you want to target.  Make note of who they are so you can make a point of stopping to talk to them.
  4. Carry two bags:  You will likely collect information from most of the vendors who say hello to you even if you don't like them.  Have one bag for those you are not interested in and throw that in the trash when you leave.  Have another bag for those you are interested in.  This works with bringing a sharpie because you can distinguish your favorites in that bag with the sharpie.
  5. Starting Price:  The most common mistake when trying to find out price is to ask for the "starting price".  You're encouraging them to quote a low package that is not relevant to your wedding then followed by up selling and pushing your budget.  The proper question to ask is "What is the average couple's total investment with your company?  I once saw a photographer advertise $200 wedding packages.  By the time you had a full day with two photographers and copyright it was nearly $3,000.

You will find Images by Daniel Michael Photography at:

Wendy's Bridal Show at Duke Cincinnati Convention Center 
Saturday January 7th, 10:00-5:00, Sunday January 8th 2023, 11:00-5:00

A Bridal Affair at Marriott West Chester
Saturday January 14th, 2023 Time 11:00 am  FREE admission

Bridalrama at Duke Cincinnati Convention  
Saturday February 4th & Sunday February 5th 2023, 11:00-3:00

Ohio Wedding Shows at Manor House Mason
Sunday March 19th, 2023 Time 11:00-3:00