Destination Wedding Photography Cumberland Kentucky

Destination Wedding Photography of Matt and Steph

As a wedding photographer, friend and person this was a wedding to remember on many levels.  There was the simple fact that I had photographed at least 4 of their friends weddings so I felt like I knew half the people there!  Then of course we were at a place my family has vacationed at since I was 6 and my Dad's family since he was a kid.  Then there was the fact that I was bringing the same boat my dad had custom made when I was 8 to enjoy on the same lake we loved as well.

Having said all that the thing that struck me most about this wedding was how everyone there was family to them.  You couldn't distinguish the family from the friends.  It seemed like everyone knew each other since they were little.  And if they didn't, they acted like they did!  It was a different kind of comfort level for me combined with the location that made me very much at home.  The wedding itself was beautiful and they had their reveal appropriately on the dock by the houseboats they had rented for a beautiful moment that led to some of my favorite portraits of the day as well.  One of the moments that really put the day in perspective was as Steph walked down the aisle.  I had just photographed the whole wedding party and they were all goofing off and having fun.  Biggest party animal? Eric the best man.  Never out of control but no limit to what he would do for his friends which includes some fun antics.  As much as they were goofing around before, I saw a different part of that relationship as Steph came down the aisle.  Without even being able to see Matt's expression, Eric knew his friend and reached out and put his hand on his back to give him a little support.  Eric loves Matt and he knows exactly how Matt feels about marrying Steph.  And I know Steph appreciates that more than anyone.  This is a special group of friends and I look forward to getting to know them better in the future.  I made more than two friends that weekend that I expect to keep for a long time.

Lastly there was the day after.  I was invited to join them on the houseboat on the lake for Bengals/Baltimore tailgating and game watching!!  So we took our boat and met them on the Island near State Dock where they had tied up.  The water was down so we could beach the boat on the shale and tie up.  We watch the game and cursed the bengals and cheered them till they finally pulled out a victory that I'm pretty sure was dedicated to Steph and Matt.  Now Matt is a chef and planned to make dinner after the game.  Flat iron tacos.  Sounds yummy right?  These may have been the best tacos I've had in my life.  He made everything from scratch except the cheese and the tortillas right there.  I've never seen a chef cook in person before but it was pretty cool.  Afterward we made a bonfire and hung out till after midnight just talking with those who wanted to hang by the fire.

Also a huge thanks to all the vendors especially my good friends JD Hughes with On the Air Entertainment and Jenna Howard with Presidents Tuxedo!

It was one of the best wedding weekends I've ever experienced.