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Wedding Photography of Emma and Drew

You can see a lot more of Melissa and Max candid photographs from our wedding photographers from the Wedding Ceremony at St Cecilia and Reception at The Syndicate on the facebook page. This link seems to only work from a computer.  We are having issues with the mobile site.  Feel free to like and retweet all you like!

There were so many beautiful characteristics to Drew and Emma's wedding day.  However, my lasting memory of their day will be the genuine and expressive emotion shared by Emma, Drew, their family and wedding party.  I'm not sure I've never seen a more genuinely expressive bride in my career.  To watch the expression on Emma's face when she saw how she looked in her dress or how she looked in a photo made me love wedding photography more than I had prior to their wedding.  One of the photos on the blog and facebook link is a photo of her expression after seeing herself in a photo.  It's like she couldn't even believe it.  Well Emma, believe it.  It's you, and I question if I was able to do you justice in photos.

Drew, the look on your face when you saw Emma for the first time is the greatest gift a woman can receive on her wedding day.  You clearly know how lucky you are and I'm here to tell you, you made her quite a lucky woman as well.  Your families share these qualities.  Watching the father daughter dance had me in tears.  Watching Drew's sister and Dad watch the mother son dance was precious.  I hope how I felt during your wedding shows through in the photos with just a little flare to go along with it.  Enjoy!

Wedding Vendor Love:

Ceremony:  Mater Dei Chapel, Mt St Joseph
Reception:  Woodlands
Tuxes:  Brogan Hesketh
Bridal Gown:  Bridal and Formal
Bakery:  Cakes by George
DJ: Steve Bender
Florist:  Lutz Flowers

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