Wedding Photography of Amanda and Brian

I normally am quite good at working one day at a time and one week at a time.  But in this case I couldn't help myself.  My friend Amanda was marrying the man of her dreams.... literally for about 9 years before she finally actually went on a date with him!  But if you heard the custom intros from Brandon at Hey Mr DJ, you already knew that story!  In addition to Amanda I was getting to work with Maddie and my good friends at the stunning Bell Event Centre, as well as Shane with True Artists Studio and Brandon from Hey Mr DJ.  Also, the staff from Bella Rey Salon, Brideface and my high school friend Renee in the wedding party were the icing on the cake so to speak... which by the way tasted like straight butter..... NOT in a good way.  Thank goodness it was a small part of the desert bar!  At the end of the night I even caught up with Pat from Say Cheese Photo Booths!  In addition to all that, two of my previous couples were going to be there as well.  You'll see selfies on the facebook post!

It was so great to see everyone, spend time with them and work with a group of the best professionals in the city.  Having said all that, what I will remember most about Amanda and Brian's wedding were some of the personal touches.  I never understood the story about how Amanda and Brian first started dating because I couldn't imagine any guy who was in Amanda's words "out of her league".  She's beautiful, intelligent, self motivated, fun and just enough crazy to keep you on your toes.  Then I met Brian.  Though I still can't imagine anyone out of her league, I at least began to understand.  Watching how he balances her, the way he looks at her, the way he treats her, the relationships he has with every person he knows made me so happy for Amanda.  Brian, I will forever be grateful that Amanda met you because you deserve each other.

I knew prior to the wedding that Amanda's Brother was the most special person in her life with the possible exception of Brian!  He couldn't be in attendance due to military obligations.  I had a feeling what Brandon from Hey Mr DJ would do and my instinct was correct.  After the toasts were complete he took the microphone and made a mention of how this day would not be complete without mentioning her brother.  What Amanda and Brian didn't know is that Brandon had contacted a family member to get in touch with her brother to record a toast that he then played at her wedding.  I have no doubt that was the greatest gift Amanda received on her wedding day so Brandon I thank you not just for taking care of my friend but for allowing me to experience that moment.  It was one of the most touching moments of my career.

Prior to the wedding the guys were at Bakersfield having lunch and Shane from True Artists Studio showed up with a gift from Amanda.  She had sworn up and down through their entire relationship they'd never blow money to get a pair of Brian's favorite shoes, the classic black Air Jordans.  Of course he opens the gift and what is it?!  Of course he wore them the rest of the day.  He being the observant guy he is bought her a beautiful pair of diamond earrings to replace the ones she had complained were not what she wanted to wear.  Those of course went right in her ears and stayed there the rest of the day.

I also loved the surprise guest singer for their first dance.  He is a mutual friend of theirs who swore he was done singing at weddings.  Somehow he managed to rehearse during the day while Brian was out of earshot and kept Amanda's surprise a secret till he walked up to the dance floor.  After I heard Keenan's rendition of Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, I understood.  It was breathtaking.

There were many little details that I loved and you can see some in the photos on the facebook page but I'm not going to describe them all here.  I just want to tell Amanda and Brian thank you.  Being there meant the world to me.  I'll never forget your wedding.

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Wedding Vendor Love!!

DJ/Band:  Hey Mr DJ
Make-Up:  Brideface
Hair:  Bella Rey Salon
Photobooth:  Say Cheese
Florist:  Blossoms
Bridal Gown:  Bridal and Formal
Videography:  True Artists Studios

I'm going to take a moment here to address an increasingly problematic issue I've noticed at weddings over the past year in particular and give a few tips to both future couples and guests at weddings to help spread the word to help make every couple's wedding day experience more enjoyable in the future.

  1. People trying to take their personal pictures are well intentioned.  However, they rarely realize how much they are damaging the quality of the professional photography.
  2. Please do not try to get the couple's attention for a photo during their first dance, father/daughter or mother/son dance.  That dance is 2-3 minutes of time that should be uninterrupted quality time for the two of them.  It is not a photo opportunity for you.  Stay to the edges of the dance floor and take your photos from there. 
  3. During the wedding ceremony, PUT AWAY YOUR cell phones, I pads, laptops etc.  I know you enjoy taking photos at their wedding to post to social media and such.  However, the screen from your device will now be in their photos forever.
  4. If you think leaning out in the aisle is ok as long as you don't step out in the aisle, you are incorrect.  Half of your backside will become a prominent part of their aisle shots because the angle from the professional is behind you.
  5. Just remain in your seat and enjoy the moment instead of viewing it from your camera screen.  They hired someone for that who will do a much better job than you will.  You are lowering the quality of their work by trying so hard to get an instant version for yourself.
  6. If you have a high quality camera, that doesn't mean it's ok for you to get out of your seat and stand next to the photographer or move around the ceremony to get photos.  Not only are you getting in the photos of the photographer, but you are a distraction to the ceremony.  Many ceremony locations have rules about that and I've seen video of officiants stopping weddings because of it.  Please remain in your seat and take your photos from there or put your camera away till the reception where you can put it to much better use taking photos of friends and family.
  7. To our couples:  If you agree with these points, make a sign and post it at your ceremony by the programs or sign in book.  You can put it in your programs but nobody reads the programs till the ceremony starts.  At this point the cell phones have already been in your photos.  You can look on pinterest, etsy or even Google for ideas.  I suggest something like this:  "There is a guy here with a camera.  We hired him to take pictures.  Please put your phones and cameras away and enjoy our ceremony."  There are many ways to say this politely or cleverly.
  8. Please spread the word!  This has gotten so bad they have had stories on the news about it!  Let's reverse the trend and show some respect to our friends's weddings.


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