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Wedding Photography of Lauren and Justin

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What a perfect day for wedding photography!  It was a little chilly but our wedding party braved the cold and wind to get some stunning photos.  So thank YOU for that!  We were ahead of schedule all day which led to a little down time with Lauren's father. I told him how beautiful his daughter was but I knew he was used to hearing that and wanted to really pay a genuine compliment.  I'm not sure if I'm remembering the words correctly but what I said was that she had a very unassuming beauty.  I then described what I meant.  When Lauren walks into a room everybody knows she's the most beautiful woman in the room.  However, either she doesn't know that or she'd never let on that she does.  That by itself makes her even more beautiful all by itself.  Having said that, Justin is the perfect compliment.  He's a good looking guy who can step back and appreciate her then moments later lead her.

I thought the kids would steal the show at this wedding.  Though they were great for photos and a clear part of the day, I was glad this was Lauren and Justin's day and I hope they felt the same.  It seemed like a fitting day for them.  It was beautiful, fun and genuine and that made me happy.

Wedding Vendor Love!
Wedding Ceremony: St Aloysius
Wedding Reception: Madison Emerald Room
Bridal Gown: Bridal and Formal
Transportation: Jimmy's Limo
Wedding Cake: Patricia's
DJ and Lighting: Mark McFadden
Dance Lessons: Bud Walters


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