Wedding Photography of Mel and Dani

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The timing of this post has me thinking a great many things.  Above all was how Dani and Mel made me feel every time I saw them, saw photos on facebook, or heard Mel's many posts about their wedding or Dani's posts about Mel's Squeals.  I feel a love for life for them but also for myself.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of their wedding but more importantly to be a part of their lives on such a special day.  Seeing the posts from facebook of the honeymoon and their reflections on their perfect rainy day made me feel more of the same.  I also feel a great sense of loss, hurt, sadness and anger after the tragedy in Orlando.  Looking at their photos made me think of those who had their perfect rainy day stolen from them.  My heart goes out to those they left behind.

I love making opinion statements on facebook but i typically leave them off of our blog and business pages.  Since the Supreme court ruling not long ago there have been many stories good and bad.  I've seen posts, opinions and religious beliefs.  We've photographed same sex couples where there were guests that didn't approve of their relationship simply because it didn't match up with their own beliefs.  Everyone has an opinion of what you should do and how you are wrong or a bad person if you don't line up with their ideology.  This comes from all sides of the aisle in different ways.  Here's the point.  Regardless of your beliefs, if you don't think Dani and Mel are the perfect match and were meant to be in God's eyes, Nature's eyes or just in our own eyes, I'm not sure you understand what love is all about.  I cannot recall having ever met two people who better balanced each other.  In some ways they are very different.  Those that know them are well aware of this!  In other ways they are the same.  One of those ways is the love each has for the other is so pure and understood so deeply that you can feel it just being around them.  Not only is this what makes me love my job, this is what makes me love life.

Having said that, the love they feel for each other makes perfect sense when you see the love from their friends and family.  From Mel's Aunts one of whom told me a precious story about how Mel found her dress, to their parents and wedding party, to Mario who performed the ceremony and the list goes on and on of people who unconditionally love these two.  As I photographed the toast and the dances I spent a lot of time looking around the room and photographing reactions which they will have to share with you when their photos are finished.  Everywhere I look I saw people who adored these two.  It was a special thing to be a part of.

As for the wedding itself, it was quite eventful!  Mel started checking the weather on June 4th.... 2015!!!  She sent me a few slightly panicked messages during the week.  Then we reached their wedding day and it stayed clear for all the photos and the beginning of the ceremony.  I'm going to quote Dani for the rest, "We had been so worried about the rain coming down on us but when the day actually came and the rain started to fall it felt so perfect and so right. It was everything we never knew we wanted."  How can you not love that?!  The reception was amazing.  The toasts were heartfelt, entertaining and perfect.  The dances had everyone fighting back tears.  The DJ Cory from UpBeat DJ's had the dance floor kicking all night.  The vendors were all amazing.  Vonderhaars had a fantastic spread, Dani's dress from Wendy's and Mel's from Kelly's Closet were stunning and perfect.  The flowers from A Gathering of Flowers were perfect, Lulo Make Up was amazing and North College Hill Bakery delivered the perfect deserts as Mel's mom can attest (check on the facebook post to see the photo).  I clearly can't leave out Siemer's Jewelers!!  The snow cones/shaved ice, caricature artist and everything were just amazing!

I'm going to say one last thing and that is simply a heart felt thank you for giving me this experience that I'll never forget.


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