Wedding Photography of Rob and Corn

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If you are a bride wondering about the sneak peek for your wedding, it is included with the Signature Weddings but you can always purchase it regardless!

I've known Rob for a few years now and he's become a good friend over that time.  He's as good of a human being as I know.  He's reliable to a fault much like Jason said in his speech.  He's genuine and caring.  He's a loving and supportive father.  He has a love and respect for life that should be admired.  After knowing Rob for a few years I met his stunning bride Corn.  Rob was such a good person that I didn't see that anything was missing until I saw him with Corn and saw it filled.  Her unconditional love for Rob and his boys, passion for life and undying love of all things Bengals has brought out a joy in Rob I hadn't seen before and it warmed my heart to see it all unfold on their wedding day.

For those that don't know, Corn is actually a die hard Steelers fan but I couldn't help myself since Rob and I are Bengals fans and I've got his back!!  Sorry Corn!



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