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Wedding Photography of Trevor and Angelae

As a wedding photographer I am fortunate enough to be a part of some really special moments.  In the case of Angelae and Trevor I had several!  This one hit close to home for me personally because of the relationship between both Trevor and his kids Alexis and Cameron as well as their relationship with Angelae.  My two oldest children are not biologically mine so I relate to Angelae and the kids.  Alexis gave a speach at the reception (she's 15) where she said how she looks to Angelae like a mom for the "girl things" she doesn't want to talk to Dad about!  The look on Angelae's face when she said that was just priceless.  I instantly struggled to see through the camera.  It hit me right through the heart.  There was the way Cameron hugged Angelae though he's not one to hug anyone!  Then there was the first sight.  All I have to say is that the reaction Trevor gave Angelae is what every woman dreams of and deserves on her wedding day.  After they had had their moment the next thing I saw was a blur (which was Alexis running!) and then the biggest hug I've ever seen at a wedding as she grabbed hold of her dad and didn't let go for a while.  That is the reaction that every good dad wishes to get from his daughter.  Those two moments within a few minutes made me think of Trevor in a different way.  Angelae is a special woman and these four deserve each other. 


There were great photo opportunities all day and I was just thrilled to be a part of it.  Check out the photos and see for yourself!  You can see a lot more of the candid photographs on the facebook page.  Feel free to like and retweet all you like!

Here's a little Wedding Vendor Love!
Ceremony:  The Sanctuary
Reception:  The Pinnacle by McHales
Bridal Gown: Wendy's
Tuxes: Geno's
Cake: Tres Belle
Make-Up: Make-up by Elizabeth



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