Cincinnati Wedding Photography Sean & Ashley

Wedding Photography in Cincinnati will never be the same after photographing Sean and Ashley at Pyramid Hill and Meadowbrook Banquet Center.  It was the perfect storm of goofy, fun, classy and stunning.  FYI Sean, the stunning part is your wife not you!  You do clean up nicely though!  Hilvers Catering provided a wonderful spread including some amazing ham!  Ashley did a great job selecting her floral arrangements from Nature Nook Florist and her wedding cake from Patricia's Wedding Cakes.

Then it was on to the party with the music and entertainment provided by Kurt Powel with KSV Connections. I just can't tell you how much fun it was to be part of your wedding Ashley and Sean.  Everytime someone from your families thanked me I felt it should be the other way around.  I was lucky to be there.  Enjoy your sneak peek and be sure to check out the facebook page for more photos where you and your friends can tag themselves and make comments.