Cincinnati Wedding Photography, Tim and Katie, 1-21-12

Be sure to view the additional photos on facebook and feel free to tag/like or make comments on the photos.  I love reading them!  Enjoy your sneak peek!  The rest will be ready in 4-6 weeks.

I'm not sure Receptions Loveland has ever looked so good as it did when Tim and Jeremy from Party Pleasers DJ's Got done with it!  I have quite a few more room shots that aren't on the page if you guys want them.  Cakes by Mindy had a beautiful cake that I didn't get the chance to to taste.  However, I got some samples the next day at the bridal show at Receptions Fairfield!  It was an all Receptions weekend!

Good Shepherd Church was the Wedding Ceremony Location where I got to catch up with my old buddy Jeff from Jeff Hill Video.  I had the pleasure of working with his much more charming staff at the house with the ladies :-).  Folchi's formalwear had the guys looking good and  Ashley Matho Make Up Artistry had the ladies looking good (as well as looking good herself!)

Now on to the party.  I must say this was one of the most incredible wedding receptions I've ever seen.  The decor looked amazing but what truly amazed me was that after an afternoon ceremony, a break for photos and then a 6 hour reception, I'm pretty sure it could have gone two more hours.  There was no quit in either of these families.  And when I say a 6 hour reception, I don't mean that they opened the doors and had an hour before the bride and groom arrived or a cocktail hour.  The bride and groom were there at 7:00 and guests were arriving by the busload at 6:30.  At 1:00 am, the grandma's were still on the dance floor!  In addition to that, we had Katie's Grandma singing "play that funky music white boy" on the microphone and Katie's sister serenading her with "I touch myself".  I think I counted Tim's Dad's "floor count" at about 5.  By "floor count" I mean how many times I saw him on his back doing something crazy on the dance floor.

It was an amazing night for two amazing people and wonderful families.  I look forward to the next family wedding!  I don't care where in the world it may be... I'm there!