Wedding Photography Jimmie & Britni, 6-29-12

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Now this was an interesting wedding day! Everything started
easily enough with 100 degree heat and humidity but still a nice sunny day. We
had a beautiful expressive couple that was primed for some nice unique photos.
Britni is an art teacher and definately had some influence on what types of
photos she wanted which was exciting to me because it opened us up to get a
little out of the box. All was going well when we started to see some dark
clouds right before Jimmie and Britni saw each other at Alms Park for the first
time. So we continued right up until the massive wind hit without any warning
except for some swaying trees. We immediately went to the cars knowing the rain
was coming. As it was, none of this was that big of a deal. We didn't know what
the storm had in for us though.

There was Debris all over the roads making for extremely slow
traffic making a large number of guests late to the Wedding Ceremony at the Norlyn Manor in
Batavia. The decision was made to move the ceremony back to accommodate those
guests which allowed us more time to complete photos so there was nothing to do
after. There was only one problem, the electric was out and it had been raining
so we planned to move the ceremony inside. After a little weather watching
Britni and Jimmie decided it was back outside we went! The fine staff at the
Norlyn Manor went right back to setting up outside to make for the beautiful
outdoor wedding Britni had always wanted... and it was. Then the real challenge
presented itself. With no electricity there was no way to run soft drinks, dj,
lighting, ovens etc. So Norlyn Manor went out to purchase a generator to run
the essentials including my strobe to light up the room. Yes, the room you see
in these photos was so dark you couldn't see each other's faces. DJ Joe with Don Wegman Entertainment
had some light on the dance floor to help but it was still super dark. Joe was
great all night and kept the dance floor rockin while working with all of the
last minute changes.

I must say that both Joe with Don Wegman Dj's and Joe with
Norlyn Manor really made Britni and Jimmie's wedding a huge success when it
could have been much much worse. Thanks to both of you and all the staff that
helped! Of course I can't forget the amazing Tracy with Tres Belle Cakes and Amelia Florist for
all they did as well!