Cincinnati Wedding Photography, Ben and Trisha 5-20-11

May 21, 2011  |  Madison, Mt Echo, Party Pleasers, St Dominic

I try not to look forward to future weddings since I have to keep my focus on what's in front of me.  But this was an exception.  I've known Ben since he was a few months old and Trisha since Ben's Senior Portraits.  Pretty much since the day I photographed the two of them at Ben's Senior Photography Session, I've been waiting for this day.  Ben's family was like a second family to me growing up (not that I wasn't fine with the first family!), but Mrs. Williams did bake 975 cookies for tonight so you judge for yourself!  Anyways, knowing the whole family and having shot weddings for them before, I knew the Williams side of the family knew how to party.  But tonight, FINALLY, they met their match with Trisha's!  I never ever say that anything was the "best ever".  But I'll say this, if anyone wants to compare themselves to become the best party ever, this is your measuring stick.  Well done my friends!

It was great to see Joe and Nicole after almost a year since their wedding.  At midnight it became Joe's birthday and he made it well worthwhile!  There are going to be so so many photos.  I haven't even looked at any of Doug or Don's Candids yet!  But as promised, I wanted you to have a sneak peek by the time you woke today.  I know Ben and Trisha have another wedding to get to today so I hope they get a chance to have a glimpse of these before then.  But have a great time at the wedding today and then off to Mexico I believe!

Love you guys.  This one will not soon be forgotten by anyone!  It was so nice to see so many of my friends and family having such a great time.

Thank you to Jeff from Party Pleasers for taking such great care of my friends and creating an atmosphere that allowed this to be the best party I can remember in quite some time!

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