Cincinnati Wedding Photography Brandon & Christy 6-10-11

The Senior Photographers at this wedding were Daniel Michael and Doug Oaks.  All Portraits are courtesy of Images by Daniel Michael.

The Ceremony Destination was St. Martin de Tours while the Reception Location was Wunderland.  Lori with Wunderland had to be just a little stressed as the power was out from the strong storms that came through right up until the couple arrived.  But true to form it was as if nothing had gone wrong.  Dinner was served on time (and was amazing I might add!), everything ran smoothly and it was a pleasure to be there.  I always love catching up with my buddy, Wedding DJ John Summers.  He has as smooth of a voice as there is in the business!  It's nice working with professionals.  Transportation in the Limo Bus was provided by Motor Toys.  In fact, they are probably still on it now!  Motor Toys offers fantastic rates for 12 and 24 hour packages and Brandon and Christy took advantage and headed to Hollywood Casino after their wedding!  The beautiful flowers which I heard Christy comment several times on how much she loved them were provided by the Florist Nature Nook.  Her  Hair and Make Up was done at LaBella.  To top it all off, we had the privilege of working with Matt Pine of Lifetime Films as well as the fantastic people with Say Cheese photo booths (which is always a huge hit!).

Part of me says we got lucky and things came up and we dealt with them and another part of me says things were perfect and just the way they were supposed to happen!  It rained in the morning (which cooled things off) but dried up in time for photos.  The ladies were running behind at the salon but that forced us to rush a little which had us finish about 10 minutes early which was precisely when the rain started again.  The power went out at the church but it created a nice romantic feel with the dim lighting and then came on again a few minutes later to give us good lighting for the rest of the ceremony.  The rain lightened up just enough to get a photo Christy wanted in front of the church.  The adjustments to the day forced Christy to get a little out of her comfort zone of having every moment of the day planned perfectly which pushed her into going with the flow and enjoying each moment.  Most importantly, everyone had  a blast including myself and the other vendors I spoke with.  Christy and Brandon were a pleasure to be around, the event was beautiful and the people there were even more so.  I was lucky to have been there and thank Hank, Lauren, Theresa and Joe for recommending them to us and for spending some time with me tonight.  Hope everyone was safe and had as great a time as I did!!

I encourage Brandon, Christy and all of their friends and family to post any personal experience they had with Brandon and Christy whether it be at their wedding or anything else you'd like to share in the comment section.

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