Cincinnati Wedding Photography , Cody & Eva, 7-1-11

An all star cast of vendors for an all star couple.  Cody and Eva were my kinda of couple!  Love them!  I wish we were in vegas so we could keep going!  Of course if that were the case, I wouldn't be posting these photos!  So, first things first!  I have to give credit to a group of vendors who were absolutely first class.  I have to start with the staff at Drees Pavillion at Devou park.  You guys were on top of everything and made sure Cody and Eva could enjoy every moment of their night!  McHales Catering  not only had amazing food, but had everyone fed and ready to party so fast that I was almost not even ready yet!  Then of course there was Jimmy Jam with CSC productions.  It's been too long my friend!  I'll have to work on correcting that!!  The wedding hair and make up was done by Salon Beck and I must say the ladies were stunning.  I'd like to give credit to the people from Salon Beck but at the same time, I'm pretty sure these ladies were going to look amazing no matter what!!  The room was decked out by nothing but the best; Susan Foy was the event designer while the fine people at Goodwin Lighting accented the room.  The guys were decked out in nothing but the best from Folchi's Formalwear which lead to my second week in a row of no issues with tuxes!!  Savannah Nite had a pimped out limo to get everyone around (in particular to the after party at Bartini's).  Patricia's cake was the usual... Amazing!!!  Uncle Rick performed a fantastic ceremony where he ad libbed as necessary to make everything just perfect.  

Cody and Eva are very lucky people.  First of all, you're lucky to have found each other.  You're the couple everyone wants to be.  Second, you have the complete support of your family and friends.  They all love you so much that the after party struggled (I use that term loosely) to get started without you!  Ok, so they were partying like rock stars and barley noticed when you arrived.  Anyways, you have a great support system, a great example in your parents and siblings who look up to you and are there for you anytime you need them.  Oh and did I mention, you had a kick ass wedding!!

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