Cincinnati Wedding Photography, Jack and Allison 8-5-11

Senior Wedding Photographer Daniel Michael photographs Jack and Allison's wedding ceremony at Faith Community United Methodist in West Chester and wedding reception at the Marriott North in West Chester.   Mark and John did a fantastic job tag teaming the ceremony.  Allison got a little choked up when they talked about "for richer or poorer"...hmmmm... There may be a staff as good as Meghan and the crew at the Marriott somewhere in the city, but I'd be hard pressed to find any that are better.  I'm just not sure how anyone can be better.  Everything happened exactly how and when it was supposed to.  Food was served exceptionally quickly, everyone was taken care of, every little detail was attended to.  Meghan Zlatic is an amazing combination of sweet, genuine, organized, professional and hard working.  Simply, she does things the way they should be done.  And if Allison decides to comment on this blog, I'm certain she will back up that statement as will Tom from Rick Juler who was also quite amazing himself!  I watched him multi task things that anyone else would need two people to do!  The Chicago bulls style entrance with lighting, custom intros and custom musical clips went off perfectly.  The lighting in the room was well done by Entertainment Unlimited Events and helped create the custom ambience that Allison was going for.  

I was completely blown away by Karis and Amber from Mitchell's Salon and Day Spa in West Chester.  Not only did Allison look stunningly beautiful, but they were done ahead of schedule!!  I never see that!!  Thank you!  Jeanie from Motor Toys Limousine Service was like an extra planner!  She was right there just like Alyssa was with our crew always offering an extra set of hands and making sure Allison and Jack were always taken care of.  I didn't get a chance to have any of the cake this week.  I normally don't eat the wedding cake but make exceptions when Spoon Fulla Sugar is making their Hummingbird cake!!

Allison attended to every detail of her wedding.  It was quite impressive.  It looked like everything was done by a professional.  You should be very proud of yourself.  You put together an amazing wedding.  My hats off to you, Jack and each of your families.  And I might have been mistaken, but did I catch a little bit of an Ohio State theme wedding?  Seemed like I saw something that made me think of Ohio State but I can't quite seem to put my finger on it.

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