Cincinnati Wedding Photography, Jason and Stephanie, 5-28-11

The Senior Photographer at this wedding Daniel Michael.  The Associate Photographer was Jenny Beaver.  All Portraits are courtesy of Images by Daniel Michael.

The Ceremony Destination was Faith Community United Methodist while the Reception Location was Heritage Country Club.  Their Wedding DJ was Dale from Sounds Great Entertainment.  The tasty Wedding Cake was prepared by Cakes come true and Truffles too.  The beautiful flowers were provided by the Florist Baysores.  Her  Hair and Make Up was done by Pure Concepts in Mason Ohio.

I have to say I was privileged to hear possibly the sweetest line ever delivered in a best man speech today.  Jason's younger brother Brenden spent his entire speech tastefully and with humor talking about how his brother (Jason) was always a step ahead and Brenden almost never was able to match Jason's accomplishments.  The few times he was able to, he savored every moment!  But at the tail end of the speech after having the entire crowd hanging on his every word and cracking up, he delivered this line.  I hope I remember it well enough. "Through these past four years Steph you have become like a sister to me and have ensured Jason's rain as TOKEN RICE CHILD will never end because I know no matter how long I search I won't be able to find a girl that can hold a candle to you."  I watched Steph's face and have a photo coming back when the film is processed as it went from hysterically cracking up to completely struck by emotions.  It was a powerful moment.  It was killing me trying to remember what you said! Well done!  Thank you Brenden for the correction!  Jason and Steph, you are blessed to be surrounded by family and friends that love you, have fun with you and would give to you in the same way you would give to them.  It doesn't get much better than this.  Congratulations!

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