Cincinnati Wedding Photography, Jimmy and Victoria 8-6-11

Cincinnati Senior Photographers Daniel Michael, Jessica Fischer and Emily Erker photographed Jimmy and Victoria's Outdoor Wedding Ceremony and Indoor Wedding Reception at the Nathaniel Green Lodge yesterday.  I hesitated about even mentioning that Jimmy is deaf and Victoria is partially deaf since this day was not about that.  It was about a relationship that has endured from their sophomore year in high school all the way till 14 years and one 8 year old son later.  It is a special relationship surrounded by some wonderful family and friends.  I do however mention it simply because I was amazed at how well I was able to connect with both of them.  I feel like old friends.  They are such genuine caring people that you just can't help but become friends.  I am so happy for the whole family.  

The Wedding DJ and MC from Party Pleasers DJ was Doug.  I know every time I work with Doug, I'm likely to see something I haven't seen before and tonight was no exception.  If you look at the facebook photos you'll see a garter removal like no other.  You see, Jimmy is a MMA fighter who took a break leading up to his wedding but will be returning to the ring soon I believe.  So prior to the garter removal, he changed into is UFC gear and Doug set up some Rocky music, fog, laser lights and created an intro to the ring (dance floor) that mimicked a fight between the Victoria and James.  It was well done and entertaining to watch.  Doug takes things to another level with unique ideas like no other DJ I've ever worked with! Party Pleasers also set up the lighting for the evening.

In addition to all that, I got to see the best first kiss ever!  WOW Jimmy!  The Wedding Bouquets were from the Florist, A Gathering of Flowers.  Terri did a fantastic job!  For the second night in a row, Spoon Fulla Sugar created a beautiful wedding cake that I'm sure was amazing but I never back to grab a piece again!! What's wrong with me!?

Victoria and Jimmy, you are a beautiful couple both inside and out.  You guys are another example of why I love this so much!  Thank you so much for including us!

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