Cincinnati Wedding Photography, Paul & Becky 8-13-11

Cincinnati Senior Photographer Daniel Michael with Don, Aaron and Amanda photographed Paul and Becky Saturday august 13.  We started at their house doing some details and getting ready photos and followed that up with a trip to Eden Park where they saw each other for the first time.  From there we headed to Findlay Market and then to Holy Trinity Church in Norwood for a beautiful Wedding Ceremony.  The Wedding Reception was at the stunning Verdin Bell Event Centrewhere Brooke and her staff were just amazing!  Danny from CSCdid the lighting and was also the MC/DJ.  It was a good night all around!!

Everything was just fun, beautiful and pretty much perfect all day long.  Katie Elfers made gorgeous vibrant bouquets, LOVED THEM!  Watching Ashley from I do MakeUp was like watching an artist work canvas.  Every time I looked over at Becky she was getting more and more beautiful!  The beautiful wedding cake was provided by Affordable Wedding Creations.

Probably the hardest thing we did, was at the end of the night when Becky wanted to spell "thanks" in sparklers!  She had seen a photo with "love" which was much easier because every letter flowed and because it was only 4 letters.  But with this we had to use lower case letters to make it work.  The ladies helping with this task were not completely sober at midnight but were making a valiant effort anyways.  And it worked!!  What a fun day for everyone!  I'm not sure if Cristin Kiefer has any wedding planning experience, but if I hadn't known she was a guest, I'd have said she was a pretty damn good planner.  Cristin, you were right on top of everything and made things so much easier for me.  Thank you!

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