Destination Wedding Photography, Jared and Rachel 7-30-11

OK, so maybe not the type of Destination Wedding Photography you expect from me, but we did travel to Bradford, IN and Salem IN for Jared and Rachel's destination wedding!  I'm not sure the day could have been much more perfect.  After a late night with Maybeliz and Trevor, it was an early morning to head down a little past Louisville to Bradford IN and St. Michaels.  But before we got there, we made a little stop at Dat KJun a block away for some lunch and a really nice start to the day.  The regular crowd was gathered for some breakfast when a the four of us walked in all decked out in black suits for the wedding and I think may have thrown a few of them for a loop till they realized we were here for the wedding and not the mafia or something!  We walked into a silent bar that wasn't silent before we opened the door!  Dat KJun is a local bar and grill with a nice casual atmosphere.  Had we not been traveling to Salem afterwards I'd have probably stopped back that night.  I heard there was going to be a good band coming in that night.  We sat at the bar till our food was ready (thanks Angela!) and enjoyed making a few new friends.  Ray, Angela and all the guests that made us feel welcome, thank you!  Hopefully we'll catch up again sometime!

From there it was over to St Michaels where the ladies were getting ready.  Here I was able to catch up with our old friends the West family which were the reason we were here.  Katie and Stephen were at Heritage Clubin Cincinnati married 4 years ago already!  It seems like just a year ago!  The weather was still cool enough when we arrived at 11:00 to get some outdoor photos prior to the destination wedding ceremony right there on the grounds.  It was warm but not too uncomfortable.  Jared and the guys were easy and fun to work with while the ladies were nothing short of gorgeous!  Rachel was absolutely glowing.  It's so nice to see two people so clearly in love and enjoying every second of it.  Too often we take love for granted.  But I digress and am getting too mushy!! I hope I'm not forgetting names, but Father Ted is absolutely the best!  I'm not sure I've been to a more enjoyable catholic wedding ceremony in my life.  He was charismatic, sincere, entertaining and genuine in his homily and throughout the mass.  The Florist, Hometown Gift and Variety created some vibrant beautiful bouquets.  Rachel had her hair done by Amanda at Hair-n-Harmony.  Rachel's bridal gown was from David's Bridaland her veil made by her mother!  Loved both!

Now it's time for the Destination Wedding Reception in Salem, IN at Cornerstone Hall.  DJ Jason Temple works through Cornerstone Hall and had the dance floor going all night.  Now he had plenty of help from an absolutely crazy group of people and a lot of music requests, but none the less, the dance floor was full all night.  Great job Jason!  I didn't try the Wedding Cake by Beth Gettlefinger, but it smelled good every time I walked past it while they were cutting it!  Everyone I came in contact with was fun, laid back, and genuinely friendly.  I had a great time.  Thank you guys for asking me to be a part of it!

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