Jamie and Brad Burns

If there were awards for the most fun, sarcastic, crazy weddings (maybe I should make one) Jamie and Brad are in the competition! I have been blessed with some amazing weddings so far this year and this one did not disappoint. As a side note, Jamie, tell your dad I'm working. Anyways, this was a perfect wedding. The rain held off till after we finished outdoor photos at the amazing estate of the Aldersons. By the way, thank you for making us at home. Jamie is a stylist at the One Hair Salon and no surprise she was stunning! Throw in some pretty beautiful flowers from Baysores. Brad looked pretty good himself having seen the amazing staff at Folchi’s Formalwear. The fine people at A Savannah Nite provided the coach limo which I hear was a blast! From there it was on to the ceremony at Holy Trinity. From there, we went straight to a crazy fun filled reception at Receptions Loveland with the entertainment provided by DJ Danny On the Air Entertainment. I loved the personal touch of the individual cakes on each table provided by Lisa’s Cakes. The entire evening was captured in full motion video by the amazingly talented, charming and good looking Jeff Hill. I couldn't have asked for anything more! Thanks so much for letting us be a part of it! To see some additional photos check out our fan page on facebook!