Jenn and Bill's first site at Loveland Castle

Jenn had been trying to talk Bill into having their first site at Loveland Castle for months now. Bill had stuck to his "I want to be suprised when you walk down the aisle" the whole time. On Thursday, Senior Photographer Brian Kuntz decided to take matters into his own hands. He called Bill and painted a picture of how amazing it would be to be her knight in shining armor at a castle and suprise her. In the photos you see here, Jenn had no idea Bill was coming up from behind her till the moment he reached out to touch her arm. You see the reaction. It made me tear up just watching how much it meant to her. I've set up the idea of a first sight hundreds of times. But this is the first time I've seen it where only one of them knew it was coming. It was amazing! You guys have a great time tonight at Receptions in Loveland To see more photos from Jenn and Bill, check out our Facebook Fan Page!