Receptions Loveland Wedding | Cincinnati Wedding Photography | Jade & Cody

Receptions Loveland, St Mark | Cincinnati Wedding Photography | Cody&Jade 2019

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It all started with a human hand hanging out of Joe's (father of the bride) car.  Isn't that how most wedding blogs start?!  In fairness this is not how Cody and Jade got started.  That was in class at Marshall U and I'll leave it for them to tell.  This is how I became involved.  We had just moved into our house about two weeks earlier and it was halfway through October. The neighbors were decked out for Halloween and our family has a love for Halloween.  I commented on the nice touch having the hand hanging out of the trunk.  By the end of the conversation we were invited to their Halloween party where I would meet Jade who was home from Marshall University to celebrate with family and friends.  After bonding over Halloween, Game of Thrones parties, fires in the backyard, and eventually working for our studio, we were all family!  That's just how the Boggs family works.  Once you're in, you can never leave!

It was only a matter of time before they finally got engaged.  Without considering our feelings, Jade moved away to West Virginia to be with this guy!  Can you believe her?!  We forgave her anyways. 

I saw Cody a few times a year when he would come up and visit but didn't meet his family till the day of the wedding.  It all makes sense now why he's such a perfect man for Jade.  He's a wonderful older brother to his sisters and was raised with values to make him not only a good husband but an amazing person.  What I like most is that Jade is always able to be exactly who she is.  He just makes her a better version of herself and I think she does the same for him.  I see the way they look at each other and it warms my heart.


Lastly to Jade, I held it together!  I got close a couple times, but I made it.  And to Cody, thank you for being you.  Congrats!


Wedding Vendor Love:

Wedding Ceremony Venue:   St Mark United Methodist
Wedding Reception Venue:  Receptions Loveland
DJ:  Everlasting Sounds
Wedding Dress:  BoChic Bridal
Tux:  Men's Warehouse
Florist:  Dales Designs and Florals
Transportation:  Savannah Nite
Cake:  Cakes by Mindy
Hair:  Flawless
Make Up:   Flawless
Videographer:  RMAX
Photo Booth:  RMAX


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