Wedding Photographer of Andy and Vanessa at Oasis

Wedding Photographer for Vannessa and Andy 030919

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I'm struggling a little with finding the words for this one.  There are so many things here that meant so much to me so I guess I'll just start at the beginning!  Andy's mom Kelly was the person who first taught me what wedding photojournalism was.  She was instrumental in the second photographer being "a thing" in this city 20 years ago.  Then when I started as a lead, she was my right hand person, my crutch to be sure I didn't fall on my face!  And if I did, she'd dig her heal in my back.  JUST KIDDING!!  She didn't wear heals.  A few years later Andy started shooting and was often my second person.  It was an instrumental part of my life when I decided to become a full time photographer and they were really good times!

After putting my focus full time into my own studio, Kelly's brother Doug came and became an instrumental part of growing our studio in the earlier years.  Fast forward to a year ago after losing touch with them a little and having not talked to Andy or Kelly in 10 years, I get a call from Andy telling me he was engaged.  I always liked Andy.  Good looking guy, easy going, living life.  I wasn't sure what it would take to get him to settle down.  Then I met Vanessa.  Instantly I got it.  She is his other half.  Anybody who knows these two understands what I'm saying.

I left out the reasons we didn't talk for 10 years because those people don't matter!  There were never issues between us!  Still, it means the world to me that they thought of me and trusted me after all these years with such an incredible responsibility.  I'm so happy for all of you and am so glad I got to see everyone!

Having said all that, I'd be doing it a disservice if I left off the ceremony that touched us all so much. I knew going in what Andy was going to do and it still got me.  I have a blended family so moments like these touch me a little extra.  When Andy asked Vannessa to marry him, her daughter Anjal asked Andy to adopt her.  Even typing those words still gets me.  Of course he said yes and they decided the wedding would be the perfect time to do it.  I doubt Anjal knows quite what it meant to him at this point, but I do.  I also knew after only one day of knowing her just how special she is.  Well done on that Vannessa!

Vannessa, I want to thank you so much for being the perfect person for Andy and for what you mean to Kelly.  There is no doubt in my mind why Angel is such a special young lady (if you can ever find her).  I'll never forget this day and I thank you all for that.


Wedding Vendor Love:

Wedding Ceremony Venue:   Oasis
Wedding Reception Venue:  Oasis
DJ:  All The Rave DJ Rick
Wedding Dress:  White Wisteria
Tux:  Men's Warehouse
Florist:  HJ Benken
Cake:  Dessertworks


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