Wedding Photography Cincinnati Oh-Mike & Lindsey

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I think we may have hit on the next new craze to take over for the group photo.  This is our second time doing it and Lindsey + Mike as well as Brad with Queen City DJ executed it beautifully.  What we do is have the bride and groom go around to every table to get a photo.  The trick is, we have one song to get through the entire room.  The DJ and I made a little side agreement that if I couldn't do it, I would buy everyone a round of beer and if I could he would buy it.  Of course beer was included already so it really didn't mean much, but was fun trying anyways!  So far, we're two for two!  It was a great way to kick off the party and the family and friends of Mike and Lindsey did not dissappoint from there!  It was a hell of a party!