Wedding Photography Cincinnati: Steven and Leah

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Outside of a couple of little wind gusts that you can see during the ceremony as Leah's veil blows above her head, this was a pretty perfect day.  We had beautiful sunny skies, a well planned day, nice details and truly wonderful people across the board.  The thing that stood out to me the most about this day was the understanding that both Steven and Leah had about exactly how special their relationship is and how lucky they are to be together.  It was such a unique relationship for me to watch and capture.  During the ceremony I would watch Steven as he broke down as Leah walked down the ailse only to see him cracking up with his best man moments later and later during the ceremony with Leah.  There was the love in their eyes as they said their vows and in the little glances throughout the night.  There was the moment when the first saw each other and Steven just couldn't help himself.  He grabbed Leah, planted a kiss on her cheek and then posed for the camera because he wanted his photo with this beautiful woman of his.  One of my favorite quotes from the day was one of the family or wedding party members said how beautiful Leah was and Steven said something to the effect of "Did you think I'd pick an ugly bride?!"  As they entered the reception he got halfway in before he had to stop and watch his bride as she entered the room with him.  He just couldn't wait to show her off to all his family and friends.  It was a very special blend of sweet, fun, loving, romantic and genuine.

This is what makes it all worthwhile.  Everything we do to be the best we can be is worth it when you get to spend the day with a couple and a family like this. 

On top of all that, the vendors were amazing!!  Ault park of course is beautiful, but Funky's catering and the Airwave band really set the tone for the evening.  The food was great and the dance floor was rocking all night long!  It was great to work with Jeff Hill Video again as well as Cinci Lighting, Spoon Fulla Sugar and Oberer's Florals.