Cincinnati Wedding Photography: Justin & Missy

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There were so many special moments at Justin and Missy's wedding but I want to mention one in particular.  Prior to the wedding Justin accomplished something I haven't seen in 14 years of wedding photography.  He managed to give Missy a gift that was given to his mother by his grandmother and is a family heirloom without Missy even knowing it existed.  I've seen those types of gifts before but have never seen it be a suprise to the bride.  It was a sweet moment.  Justin got Missy to cry when she opened it and then again when she read the note to see the extra significance of the earings she had just received.

There was of course the Miami Merger that was such a significant part of the day as well as the Michigan vs Ohio State rivalry between the two families which wouldn't have been a big deal except I had worn a scarlet red shirt with a grey vest to the wedding!  Needless to say, the groom's family gave me a little bit of a hard time.  It was an amazing day with some of my favorite vendors: Jeff Hill, Steve Bender, Forget Me Not, Oxford Community Arts Center and the Sesquicentennial Chapel.