Cincinnati Wedding Photography Scott & Jen 2-18-12

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What can I say about Scott and Jen...?  I think the one thing that really stood out to me about the two of them is just the way they get each other.  I see a comfort level with who they are and appreciating everyone around them for who and what they are.  It's a rare and valuable trait they both have.  And it's part of what made this day so special.  Never once did I feel like I was anything but an old family friend.  I actually stayed an hour late just because I lost track of the time enjoying myself.  Now I have to give some credit to Jason from Hey Mr DJ for that.  He's not shy telling you that every wedding he dj/mc's is a PARTY!!  Based on my experience, I think he's right!  They also provided some lighting to add to the look of the room.  Just that extra touch of blue which was one of the wedding colors to add a little custom ambiance to the Marquise by McHales in Wilder Kentucky.  After giving Hey Mr DJ some credit there, I better give Inga from Affordable Wedding Creations some credit as well!  Everything from the boutonnieres and bouquets to the centerpieces and decor were just beautiful!

I've also been avoiding wedding cake for some time for the sake of avoiding my gradual development into santa claus.  However, I hadn't tasted cake from Cakes by Mindy outside of at bridal shows and decided it was time for me to break my streak.  I'm glad I did.  It was kinda fantastic!  I also wanted to mention the Limousine and driver from Limousine Express.  I tend to worry a little when I'm not with one of my usual transportation companies as seen some pretty shaky service.  This was not the case.  They were on time, clean limo, professional, easy to work with and friendly.

All and all, Scott and Jen had a pretty fantastic wedding.  Enjoy the photos and please click the "like" and "retweet" buttons below!!