Wedding Photography Cincinnati Joe & Linda 4-28-12

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It is so nice being a photographer when you get to work with a great wedding planner!  Julie and the crew from Cincy Event Planning made my day so easy and stress free that I think I'm going to have to include them in all my packages from now on!  Ok, so that would be nice but would likely move us out of most people's photography budget!  Still, it's tempting.... I couldn't have asked for a nicer group of people.  The family and friends and especially Joe and Linda were just a joy to spend the day with.  The vendors were amazing as expected when I work with Julie.  It's been a little while since I've gotten out to Ivy Hills Country Club for a wedding reception and I don't remember it ever looking this beautiful!  I'll have to give Prime Time Rentals some credit along with Cincy Event Planning and Courtenay Lambert Florals who I got to see for the second time this week!  Every time I see her work I am even more impressed! It rained through the wedding ceremony at St Xavier in Downtown Cincinnati and stopped for outdoor photos at Fountain Square and the Riverwalk at Riverside Dr and then started again for the Reception at Ivy Hills.  I'm not sure if rain is good luck or not, but rain when we're indoors and no rain when we're outdoors sounds like good luck to me! I've been seeing a lot more of Steve Bender DJs and Master of Ceremonies.  We had two weddings tonight both with his crew!  Prior to the wedding I was able to briefly catch up with Rachel from Brideface again.  I actually feel like I can tell the difference between all the ladies from Brideface and the rest of the make up artists.  It's easy enough for one person to have a distinct style but for a group to be distinct is quite an accomplishment.  The wedding cake was from Spoon Fulla Sugar, so I don't think I need to say anymore there!  It seems we've been seeing an awful lot of Jimmy's Limo.  I've seen the same driver four times already this year and twice this weekend!!

With such a great couple and great group of vendors, I feel fortunate to have been included with such a fine group of people.  Thanks to Joe and Linda for choosing us!  I hope you enjoy your sneek peek!