Wedding Photography of Nic and Kaitlyn 06-23-18

You can see a lot more of Nic and Kaitlyn's candid photographs from the Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception at the Lake Lyndsay Beach House from our wedding photographers on our facebook page.   Feel free to like and retweet all you like!

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This one had some precious moments.  It started with the first look which was possibly the best I've ever seen.  I've gotten to know Nic well over the last year and know he's not a crier.  But he told me beforehand he didn't expect to get through the first look without tears and he was right.  That alone was special but not what struck anyone who saw it right through the heart.  After their first look, Nic's son comes out to see his new Step-Mom.... no.... Mom for the first time.  For those of you who were at the reception, you get the reference.  As if that wasn't enough, that is followed immediately by Nic's daughters running out for him to see them for the first time in their dresses.  It was amazing.  I could have stopped there.  But there's more!

There were some great photos and fun times and a fun reception.  But the ceremony is what stole the show.  The vows they wrote to each other were sweet, funny and true to who they were and are.  The officiant added quite the personal touch as well.  At one point one of our photographers (Logan) looked over to me and said "YOU BETTER NOT!"  Clearly she was struggling to hold it together as well.  Amanda however was our rock.  She's the machine!

Anyways, I think all this will show through in the photos.  Enjoy!

Wedding Vendor Love:

Wedding Ceremony:  Lake Lyndsay Beach House
Wedding Reception: Lake Lyndsay Beach House
DJ:  DJ Choice
Dress:  Bridal and Formal
Cake:  Life is How You Bake It

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