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Blog Entries - 2011

{Cincinnati Wedding Photography} Brian & Kara

I've been a wedding photographer in Cincinnati for 12 years and have seen Black, Purple, Red, Ivory, Champagne and White Wedding Dresses.  But, Friday I got to see my first Tie Dyed Wedding Dress!  As you can

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Cincinnati Wedding Photography, Brian & Mandy 10-13-11

Who has their Cincinnati Wedding Ceremony and Reception on a Thursday?... Br-andy.  That's the adopted abbreviation for Brian and Mandy.  The reason is, both of their parents got married on October 13th a

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Cincinnati Wedding Photography Sean & Ashley

Wedding Photography in Cincinnati will never be the same after photographing Sean and Ashley at Pyramid Hill and Meadowbrook Banquet Center.  It was the perfect storm of goofy, fun, classy and stunning.  FYI

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Cincinnati Wedding Photography, Steph & Kevin 10-1-11

October 2, 2011  |  Receptions, RMAX, Steve Bender, Vineyard

Please like us, comment and tag yourself in photos on our Facebook Page! This was a Cincinnati Wedding to Remember!!  It was such a positive upbeat group of fun people that it just makes you want to do it all over

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Cincinnati Wedding Photography Brian & Amanda

First of all, I have to give my hats off to an all star cast of vendors.  Coordinators Amanda and Sheri as well as Minister Dr Tim Alexander did a fantastic job of keeping everything in order for a smooth beautiful

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Cincinnati Wedding Photography, Ben & Lauren

September 23, 2011  |  Oasis, Party Pleasers, Say Cheese

It was good to see Courtney and Robin at the Oasis Conference and Event Center center today.  It was a fun and beautiful wedding.  However, I mostly want to thank the staff at the Oasis for always

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Cincinnati Wedding Photography, Chad and Carly 9-17-11

September 18, 2011  |  Party Pleasers

As weddings in Cincinnati go, Chad and Carly had one of the more unique weddings I've been to.  There was the stunningly elegant and beautiful Carly with her cowboy boots under her dress.  There was the

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Cincinnati Wedding Photography, Steve & Liz 9-16-11

Cincinnati Wedding Photographers Daniel Michael and Doug Oaks had the pleasure of photographing Steve and Liz Outdoor Wedding Ceremony and Reception at the beautiful Alms Park Pavilion and overlook.  The floral

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Cincinnati Wedding Photography, Eric & Gina 9-10-11

As Wedding Photographers in Cincinnati we get to see lots of different types of weddings.  Everything from the ridiculous, to the hilarious, classy, fun, romantic, sweet and just about everything you can imagine.

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Cincinnati Wedding Photography Jeff & Amanda 9-4-11

Today I had the pleasure of seeing one of our fellow wedding vendors get married.  Jeff has found a beautiful woman who has shown me a side of Jeff I've never seen before.  Amanda, thank you for that!  I

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