Engagement Session Photography FAQ

Does our wedding photographer take our engagement photos?

Typically yes.  On occasion your photographer is not available for your engagement photos.  Typically Daniel Michael will then photograph you and you'll get a second free session with your photographer when time permits.

Is there a certain time of day that is best for our photos?

Many photographers rely on the "golden hour" to take photos because the natural light tends to be soft and warm.  Though that does work, if we are reliant on that, you could be in trouble taking photos on your wedding day.  We use off camera lighting, flash gels and manual color balance to compensate for this so we can photograph any time of day.

Do we get the files and copyright?

Yes.  Every photo from the session is edited and full resolution with a copyright release.

Do we pick the location?

With our standard session the photographer chooses the location based on where they are located that day.  With the Extended or Signature session you can choose the location.  Having said that, the photographer will pick a fantastic location so there is no need to upgrade unless you have an attachment to a certain location.