Children and Family Portraits

Family Portrait Photographer Cincinnati

We offer two types of family portrait sessions; an immediate family session and an extended family session. Our immediate family session is our outdoor portrait session. Our extended family session is outdoors, up to 90 minutes long and at a location of your choice.

With each session you get:

  • All the photos your photographer takes (minus duplicates and blinks). 
  • All those photos are edited a natural edit (no photoshop work done), they will look just how you did on the day of your session. 
  • We give your photos to you via an online gallery only. This is how you will view, download, share and order prints. 
  • The images are a digital download only. Once you download your images onto your computer, you will be able to back them up onto a USB drive or cloud based system of your choosing. 
  • All the photos are downloaded at full resolution, so you can make large, high quality prints. There is also an option to download a small web size for sharing. 
  • You are able to download, share and order high quality prints through the gallery.
  • You get a print release, upon request.

*Starting 1/1/2020; If you would like your photos to be skin edited or have additional editing requests we will be providing editing packages to add onto your session.

The investment for an extended family  is:              $295
The investment for an immediate family  is:            $195

Please contact us with any inquiries or questions.


We suggest Robin Imaging for your local reprints so you can maintain the professional quality we have for our own studio without the professional price that photographers charge.  

Reprints through Robin Imaging are:

4x6-$0.95     5x7-$3.25     8x10-$6.95     11x14-$11.95

Yes this is their regular pricing and yes they are the same lab that prints for many major professional photographers around the country.