Cincinnati Wedding Photographer Pricing

Wedding Photography on Couch


What is your starting price?

This is not the question you really want an answer to.  You want to know what you are going to spend.  The starting price is rarely the package you'll choose and typically has additional charges.  I once saw a photographer advertize $200 wedding photography.  However, by the time they included most of what we do standard, they were $2700.  Our starting price for a full sized wedding is $2350 assuming no discounts (off season, referral, Friday/Sunday etc.). 

The questions you want to ask are:

"What is the average final investment for your couples?"

"How much is your most popular package?"
$2650 for our senior photographers which includes a 3 person team, all photos fully edited full resolution, copyright, full day coverage, engagement session with your photographer, personal planning session with your photographer.  The same package with our Associate photographers is $2350.  But the Seniors are the more popular choice.

"What is your full price range?"
$1650-$4000 though couple and parent albums could push that $400-$900 additional.

These will give you a much better sense of what you should expect. 

Do you have a list of packages?

Photography packaging has one purpose; for the photographer to make as much money as possible.  It doesn't have your best interest at heart.  We only use two packages, one for small weddings and one for regular weddings.  Everything important is included and anything else can be personalized.  We also like to explain how we can do this and how that affects you and your wedding.  There are no additional charges because our focus is on you and your wedding, not the package you chose.

How many hours are included in the package?

I certainly understand being paid by the hour.  It makes sense.  Having said that, there is no way to truly know how many hours you will need till your wedding day is already happening.  Timelines rarely go as planned.  If your photographer is only lined up for 6 hours or 8 hours and you hit that number before your first dance, they now come to you and tell you their time is up and you need to pay more if you want them to stay.  That's rude and shows they really don't want to be there or they are rushing to get out after your dances and missing the party portion of your reception.  When you look back at your photos it will all be portraits and documentation of the events.  What about the guests you invited?  What about the party you're throwing?  What about the memories they are missing?

We list hours as a guidline but rarely charge for extra hours.  Not once over the last 5 years since we restructured the packaging have we charged for extra hours.

Do I need 1 or 2 photographers?

For our standard packaging for regular and large weddings parties we include 2 photographers and an assistant.  I believe the second photographer is critical to capturing moments.  Most photographers offer two photographers but you have to pay extra for the second photographer.  If they offer you a one photographer package, is the second photographer necessary?  If the second photographer isn't necessary why offer it?  If the second photographer is critical to the photography, why is there an option not to have one?  Are you comfortable with a photographer willing to do lesser quality work for you because you purchased a smaller package?  

We just aren't willing to do anything less than our very best at every wedding.  Every wedding is a once in a lifetime event and we should guide you through that, not just shoot a package.

Do your packages include prints/canvas/albums etc?

If your photographer treats every photo as if you are going to print it, there is no reason you can't order everything except for a professional album yourself.  

Unfortunately, most photographers rely so heavily on technology they often lose sight of the natural beauty of each individual photo.  Instead they put their focus on their personal artistic style and what they can do to those photos with filters and effects.  This lessens the focus your style, your day and on candid storytelling photos.

Do you include engagement photos in your packages?  Do we have the copyright release and high res images?

Typically yes, but it’s completely up to you.  Yes and Yes.

How does our photographer direct us on our day?

You will spend hours taking direction from your photographer with much or all of that prior to your wedding ceremony.  This time will set the tone and feeling for your entire day.  If your photographer doesn't take the time to ask the right questions before your wedding day, to understand family dynamics, to understand your style, your priorities and your story, then they won't be able to properly guide you and direct you much less capture your day.  This puts the pressure squarely on your shoulders.  You have too much on your mind to add another responsibility and you shouldn't be asked to direct people on your wedding day.  Our photographers will create a plan with you prior to your wedding and then direct this plan on your day making it feel effortless and allowing you to enjoy every moment.  This truly separates the best photographers from the rest. 

How do I know I will like my photographer?

You will spend more time with your photographer than any other person on your wedding day INCLUDING your future spouse!  Having said that, it's not critical that person is your best friend.  It is however critical that their primary focus is taking care of you and making sure you are happy and enjoying your day.  Your photographer will direct your entire day up until the reception.  You want a professional that also cares and takes it personally.

Our studio is rare in that you almost always work with your photographer for your Engagement Session, Personal Planning Session and Wedding Day.  If you don't click, you'll know long before your wedding day and we'll make whatever changes are necessary.

Wedding Photography Packages are designed to make more money for the photographer.  What do I do?

Packaging is definately not for your benefit.  There is no reason to commit to buying an album or prints or any other product a year before your wedding!  The truth is, more than half of the people that pay for print credits, albums, enlargements, canvases up front never get around to actually ordering them.  Everyone thinks they will.  Ask your married friends how they felt about doing more wedding stuff after their wedding.  Some were happy to.  Most were not.

Do You Charge For Travel?

We do not charge for travel to wedding venues within a 50 mile radius of Our Cincinnati; Reading photography studio.  Outside of that it is $100 for each 25 miles beyond that point to bring the entire 3 person team.  Exceptions are made for destination wedding photography that involves flying.

We also offer extreme discounts for desirable destinations!

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most difficult and stressful decisions to be made for your wedding.  I hate that the pressure and stress of that responsibility is on you and would love the opportunity to remove it from your wedding experience.  There are so many things I'd like to tell you about Wedding Photography Pricing and Packaging and how to differentiate the good photographers.  Here is an example of what you get in our standard packages.  Smaller weddings have other options.

Wedding Package:

  • 3 person Wedding Photography Team.
  • Unlimited Locations in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton area
  • Full Day Coverage to cover pre-ceremony photos and well into your wedding reception without rushing your day
  • All of your photos (500+ Natural Edits) full resolution so they are all ready to print gallery quality
  • 50+ Signature Edits Full Resolution
  • Copyright release

With stunning Fine Art Custom Albums for an additional $450 that can be purchased after your event. Printing can be done gallery quality very reasonably from your full resolution files at Robin Imaging.  Here you can do Metal, Canvas, Standard Prints and just about anything you could need AT OUR COST with no professional mark up!  Our pricing has NO ADDITIONAL COST to consider as you plan your budget.  We want our focus on your wedding, not your photography package.

We offer stunning custom designed 10x10 Fine Art Albums for $450.
We also offer off season, Friday/Sunday and Referral Discounts.

Having said all of this, our studio is quite unique in it's packaging, teaching, training, preparation and overall approach.  This makes the package itself very simple as every package is all inclusive.  Outside of optional albums, there is nothing additional to purchase that would increase the price after choosing us.  No extra hours, no extra photographers, no prints due to the editing of all photos and the copyright release.

Your wedding is unique and your wedding photography package should reflect your vision and hopes for your day. If our standard photography packages do not meet your needs, we are happy to customize it as best we can to suit your wedding day and your photography budget.  If not we will direct you to someone who can.