Wedding Photography on Couch

Wedding Photographer Pricing

Wedding photography packaging is confusing to upsell and increase proffit.  This makes for more difficult planning and preperation to photograph your wedding. We believe in top quality, experienced photographers at a reasonable price.  Every wedding package is all inclusive thanks to a method we teach all our photographers that delivers higher quality, a better experience & eliminates additional fees/upselling.

All weddings include Copyright Release and Fully Edited Full Resolution Photos. 

For very small weddings/elopements we offer hourly packages to customize based on your needs for your wedding.  These are typically 3 hours for $950

Small Weddings (total wedding party of 4 or less up to 2 locations) Starting at $1850 includes:

  • Fully Edited, Full Resolution files of ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS. (minimum 300)
  • Online Viewing, Ordering, Digital Download
  • Full Copyright Release
  • One person Photography Team
  • 6-7 hours
  • Two locations
  • Free Engagement Session
  • Custom designed ZookBook albums for as little as $350!

Full Size Wedding Standard Package Starting at $2450 includes:

  • Fully Edited, Full Resolution files of ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS. (minimum 500)
  • Online Viewing, Ordering, Digital Download
  • Full Copyright Release
  • Three person Photography Team
  • Full Day Coverage (not hourly)
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Free Engagement Session
  • Custom designed ZookBook albums for as little as $350!

You can also upgrade to Senior or Master Photographers.

The finished editing and copyright release allow you to print your own Metal, Canvas, Enlargements, etc from the photo labs on our preferred vendor list.  You avoid the standard 300% mark up and still get the same professional quality.  

Every photographer is peronsally trained and certified by Daniel Michael with the support of our training staff.  All Lead Photographers go through an apprentice program for multiple years to perfect their craft.  Regardless of your choice of photographer you still get the above package.

Do you have print packages?

We edit all photos from your wedding and deliver them fully edited and full resolution with a copyright release so you can print them yourself at local professional labs such as Robin Imaging or DLS Photo Lab.  We also have all the photos uploaded to Pixieset for you and your family to print at the wholesale pricing listed below:


(Additional Sizes Available)

We include full resolution files with copyright release with every package for you to print as you see fit.  We offer wholesale pricing as a convenience for you to avoid print credits and more confusion to packaging.




8 Up Wallet $6.50   11 x 14 Gallery Wrap $125.00
4 x 6 Print $3.50   16 x 24 Gallery Wrap $195.00
5 x 7 Print $5.50   20 x 30 Gallery Wrap $235.00
8 x 10 Print $7.50   24 x 36 Gallery Wrap $295.00
8 x 12 Print $9.50



11 x 14 Print $15.00   11 x 14 Metal Print $95.00
16 x 24 Print $55.00   16 x 24 Metal Print $195.00
20 x 30 Print $75.00   20 x 30 Metal Print $275.00
24 x 36 Print $115.00   24 x 36 Metal Print $365.00

Do I get an album?

Much like printing enlargements we don't attempt to upsell your package to sell additional products.  You have all your photos fully edited with a copyright release and are free to make an album anywhere you like.  If you would like one of our albums, they are custom designed according to your stylistic and photo preferences and printed by zookbinders.  We sell them at wholesale price plus the design cost ranging from $350-$750 depending on album style and upgrades.  Typical sizes are 10x10 and 12x12.

How many hours are included in the package?

I certainly understand being paid by the hour.  But there is no way to truly know how many hours you will need till your wedding day is already happening.  Timelines rarely go as planned.  If you have 6 hours or 8 hours and you hit that number before your first dance, you have to choose if you want to pay more or miss moments.  We don't want to rush your evening or miss special moments. We want to capture more than just the standard photos.

We list hours as a guidline but rarely charge for extra hours.  Not once since 2011 have we charged for extra hours.

Do you include engagement photos in your packages?  Do we have the copyright release and high res images?

Typically yes, but it’s completely up to you.  Yes and Yes.

Do You Charge For Travel?

We do not charge for travel to wedding venues within a 50 mile radius of Our Cincinnati; Reading photography studio.  Outside of that it is $100 for each 25 miles beyond that point to bring the entire 3 person team.  Exceptions are made for destination wedding photography that involves flying.

We also offer extreme discounts for desirable destinations!