Cincinnati Wedding Photography: Transparent Pricing for Your Special Day

"We received over 900 stunning photos! Our friends and family keep raving about how incredible our photographer was, saying, ‘I don’t know what you paid, but it was worth it!’ – We couldn't agree more!" - David & Jenny

Our Promise: Authentic Memories, Not Just Packages. At Images by Daniel Michael, we're all about genuine experiences. We've crafted our photography services not just as packages, but as personal commitments to capture the essence of your special day. We photograph your wedding, not your photography package.

“There are too many favorites! Bottom line, if there is one thing you should invest in on your wedding day, it’s Images by Daniel Michael!”  - Lauren & Cory

Specials for All Day Packages:

  • $200 Off at Preferred Venues or for referrals
  • $500 Off Senior & Master Photographers for Referrals, Wedding Show, Military, First Responder, Off Season, Fri/Sun
  • If we have a larger special, it will replace this.

Our Team: Every photographer in our team is personally trained and certified by Daniel Michael. Pro photographers undergo a multi-year apprenticeship to perfect their craft, ensuring that your memories are captured by the best in the business.

Summary of our Packaging. 

  • Micro Weddings/Small Weddings are Hourly.
  • Classic Weddings are by the day so you don't have to worry about hours.
  • Second Photographer or Assistant can be added on as you prefer.
Wedding Photographer Pricing and Packaging

Do you have print packages?

All photos are fully edited and full resolution with a copyright release so you can print them yourself at local professional labs such as Robin Imaging or DLS Photo Lab.  We also have all the photos uploaded to Pixieset for you and your family to print at the wholesale pricing listed below:


(Additional Sizes Available)

We include full resolution files with copyright release with every package for you to print as you see fit.  We offer wholesale pricing as a convenience for you to avoid print credits and more confusion to packaging.




8 Up Wallet $6.50   11 x 14 Gallery Wrap $119.00
4 x 6 Print $3.50   16 x 24 Gallery Wrap $185.00
5 x 7 Print $5.50   20 x 30 Gallery Wrap $225.00
8 x 10 Print $7.50   24 x 36 Gallery Wrap $279.00
8 x 12 Print $10.50



11 x 14 Print $13.50   11 x 14 Metal Print $99.00
16 x 24 Print $46.50   16 x 24 Metal Print $209.00
20 x 30 Print $59.50   20 x 30 Metal Print $305.00
24 x 36 Print $94.50   24 x 36 Metal Print $399.00

Do I get an album?

You can order and design albums in our online store starting at $79

You can custom order a Zookbinder album starting at $300

Sizes available from 8x8 up to 11x14

How many hours are included in the package?

We photograph your day, not your photo package.  We write your timeline to include 1-2 hours of getting ready, portrait time, ceremony, reception dinner/events and about one hour of candid photos after the events.  

A typical day is 7-10 hours.

Do you include engagement photos in your packages?  Do we have the copyright release and high res images?

Typically yes, but it’s completely up to you.  Yes and Yes.

Do You Charge For Travel?

This can be customized for any situation not listed below.

In place of a discount, our Senior and Master photographers include travel in the continental USA for our one person team.

Anything within 1 hour of our Reading studio is not counted as a destination wedding.